Emerging Contaminants Summit

Spring 2020

bowenJaclyn Bowen
Executive Director
Clean Label Project 


Jaclyn Bowen is the Executive Director of the Clean Label Project, the national non-profit focused on changing the definition of food and consumer product safety in America through data, science, and transparency. Under Bowen’s leadership, Clean Label Project conducted and published two of the largest studies of their kind on industrial and environmental contaminants in infant formula/baby food and pet food. In each study, Clean Label Project sampled and tested the top selling products in each category, tested them for 150+ contaminants (including heavy metals, pesticide and antibiotic residues, BPA/BPS, acrylamide, mycotoxin, and melamine and its analogues), and released the benchmarked results to consumers via a 5-star rating system at CleanLabelProject.org. Bowen and Clean Label Project have appeared on NBC, ABC, Fox News, and CNN and over 150+ print and online media outlets including USA Today and Huff Post.

Before coming to the Clean Label Project, Jackie held numerous technical, standards development and leadership roles within the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre, NSF International. Most recently, Bowen served as the General Manager of Quality Assurance International (QAI, Inc.), the largest domestic USDA organic certifier, the Director of NSF International’s Consumer Values Verified division focusing on bringing to market certification offerings including Non-GMO Project and Certified Gluten-free, and the Director of NSF Agriculture- North America focusing on farm food safety services associated with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Bowen holds a B.S in environmental biology from Michigan State University, a Master of Public Health in management and policy from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in quality engineering from Eastern Michigan University, and a post-graduate certificate in innovation and business strategy from MIT.



Industrial and Environmental Contaminants in Food Targeting America's Most Vulnerable Populations 

Consumer purchasing behavior has historically depended on many factors, including brand loyalty, packaging, marketing claims/promises, and advertising. However, consumer behaviors are built on the fundamental assumption that the products they purchase are safe. In the case of food (be it infant formula or pet food), consumers assume that the products they purchase are safe to eat in both the short and long term.

The Clean Label Project conducted the largest study of its kind of industrial & environmental contaminants and toxins in infant formula, & baby food. Clean Label Project tested for over 130 environmental and industrial & contaminants including heavy metals, pesticide residues, antibiotic residues, BPA/BPS, acrylamide, & mycotoxins & amassed & benchmarked over 75,000 data points. The results of the study are posted on the Clean Label Project consumer website in the form of a 5-star rating system. See the results. 



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