Emerging Contaminants Summit

Spring 2020

martinMichael Martin 
Senior Consultant
Integral Consulting, Inc.  

Mr. Mike Martin is a registered professional engineer in New Jersey with 22 years of practical experience in civil and environmental engineering.  Mr. Martin specializes in soil, groundwater, and stormwater treatment alternatives analysis, cost estimation, and design and implementation of remedial actions, from pilot- to full-scale systems.  He has substantial experience developing cost-effective alternatives for site remediation, including CERCLA remedial actions, RCRA corrective actions, state-led projects, and litigation and property transfer projects.

M.S., Environmental Engineering, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 1995

B.S., Engineering (Civil Specialty), Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, 1992



Lessons Learned from Implementation of a Potable Water Wellhead Treatment System for a Long Chain Perfluoroalkyl Acid

Emerging contaminants present a unique challenge to municipal drinking water supplies due to rapidly changing regulatory environments, permitting problems attributable to potentially unquantifiable waste streams, and participation of multiple and diverse stakeholders.  An engineering case study shows how some of these concerns were addressed during the implementation of a potable water wellhead treatment system for a long chain perfluoroalkyl acid.  Initial feasibility studies evaluated alternatives, including relocating municipal wells, blending impacted water with water from non-impacted wells, and treating the impacted well.  Ultimately, wellhead treatment was selected and implemented.  Challenges encountered during implementation included adapting to changing system performance targets, addressing uncertainty in handling waste streams, and balancing competing interests from participating parties.  Cooperation of all parties resulted in the installation and acceptance of an optimized system with minimal change orders during construction.

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