Emerging Contaminants Summit

Spring 2020

restGeorge Rest
Senior Vice President

Mr. Rest leads Drinking Water Programs for OBG, a national engineering and project delivery firm.  He has directed the planning, design and construction of water treatment plants with combined production capacity of over 1 billion gallons/day.  Mr. Rest also directs piloting of advanced treatment technologies for removal of regulated and emerging contaminants from drinking water, including the PFOA/PFOS Water Treatment Upgrade for the City of Martinsburg, WV. 



Practical Aspects of Implementing a PFOA/PFOS Treatment System for a 5 MGD Municipal Water Supply

The City of Martinsburg’s Big Springs water source (5 MGD) is contaminated with PFOA and PFOS at levels exceeding USEPA’s Lifetime Health Advisory. This poster-presentation will describe the lessons learned and practical experiences in the evaluation, design and start-up of one of the largest capacity PFOA/PFOS treatment systems installed to date in the U.S., including:

  • Comparison of pilot study (RSSCT) results with full scale operating results
  • Features of the design intended to provide economy, ease of operation, and accelerated schedule, such as:
    • Competitive procurement of coal based and coconut shell based GAC media
    • Installation of the GAC treatment system upstream of conventional treatment processes, to simplify construction and operation
    • Modified public bidding approach that considered both price and schedule
    • Measures to prevent excessive precipitation of calcium carbonate in the GAC contactors, including acid washing the GAC media, and use of a CO2 purge to accelerate the media acclimation period

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