Emerging Contaminants Summit

Spring 2020

socciDan Socci

Dan Socci is CEO of EthicalChem and responsible for all aspects of Company operations.  EthicalChem develops and markets innovative, high-performing chemical products for the environmental and oil industries.  The Company specializes in advanced solutions for destroying environmental contaminants, particularly heavy hydrocarbons such as creosote and MGP coal tar, and increasing oil well production.  EthicalChem’s patented remediation technologies portfolio includes Surfactant-enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCO) and Surfactant Enhanced Product Recovery (SEPR), which are field proven products optimized through years of field implementations.    Previously Dan held senior management positions at VeruTEK Technologies and Hewlett Packard. 



Surfactant Use to Enhance Performance of Chemical Oxidation Remediation

Remedial approaches using chemical oxidation deliver aqueous phase oxidant treatment fluids into the contaminated subsurface. These approaches are limited to primarily addressing contamination present in the groundwater while hydrophobic contaminants remain sorbed to soil. This remaining, soil sorbed contamination will in time transfer to the aqueous phase after the chemical oxidation treatment is completed, causing groundwater contaminant concentrations to increase, resulting in what is referred to as “contaminant rebound”. Rebound is typically addressed with multiple rounds of follow up chemical oxidation treatments. Contaminant hydrophobicity and sorption to soil limits the availability of contaminants to the aqueous phase oxidant. Using a combined oxidant-surfactant solution, liberation of the sorbed hydrophobic contaminants and emulsification into the aqueous phase as small particles can significantly increase surface area available for reactions with oxidants, thereby improving soil and groundwater remediation. This presentation will discuss independent third party comparative research by the University of Madrid on the performance of combined surfactant and activated oxidant, versus activated oxidant alone treatment of contaminated soil. Additionally, field case studies on successful implementation of S-ISCO® (Surfactant enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation) will be discussed.

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