Emerging Contaminants Summit

Spring 2020

wilkinsonJason Wilkinson
Senior Managing Consultant
Ramboll Environ

Jason K. Wilkinson, PG, LSP is a Senior Managing Consultant at Ramboll Environ with over 15 years of environmental consulting experience. His area of expertise is groundwater hydrogeology, with an emphasis in the areas of due diligence, site assessment and remediation, fate and transport of chemicals in the subsurface, and designing and implementing hydrogeologic studies. His work at Ramboll Environ includes the direction of projects under RCRA and various state programs to achieve cost-effective regulatory closure. Mr. Wilkinson is currently a member of hte Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC) PFAS committee as well as a leader in Ramboll Environ's PFAS site solutions service line.  Mr. Wilkinson holds a BS in Geology from Duke University and a MS in Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College. 



PFAS: The European Perspective

Regulations for investigating and monitoring for PFAS and establishing acceptable environmental threshold values in Europe are currently evolving, although the approach to addressing these topics varies widely from country to country. 

This presentation will provide participants with an overview of European practices with regards to PFAS in the environment and will discuss

  1. regulatory trends in managing this class of emerging contaminant, and
  2. associated technical challenges.

The following topics will be presented:

  • Overview on PFAS in the European environment 
  • Risk assessment of PFAS in the environment (as it differs from the US)
  • State of the Practice for analyzing and remediating PFAS (as it differs from the US)

An overview of PFAS in the European environment will be given including the types of PFAS encountered over time. Special focus will be given to the Scandinavian countries where substantial monitoring of PFAS has been carried out. 

In connection with risk assessment and strategy for remedial measures European threshold values for soil, drinking water and surface water will be presented. 

The presentation will also include an overview of the European state of the practice as regards analytical methods, investigative approaches and treatment options. Uncertainties, knowledge gaps and pitfalls will be discussed.

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