Emerging Contaminants Summit

Spring 2020

StudentCompetitionlaramayFiona Laramay
PhD Student
Clarkson University 


Fiona is a PhD student at Clarkson University studying PFAS remediation methods.




Preliminary modeling of an in situ reactor for PFAS remediation

The literature shows that the problem of PFAS, or per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, contamination is not going away any time soon. Many current PFAS remediation options and standard wastewater treatment methods are ineffective for PFAS destruction. The ineffectiveness of remediation technologies coupled with the increasing social emphasis on sustainability and ever-present need for cost effective treatment solutions. These factors call for the development of efficient and effective treatment technologies. Preliminary modeling of a method to introduce destructive techniques to the subsurface has begun at a laboratory stage and we would welcome thoughts and feedback.



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